The Traditional Culinary from Medan

Medan is familiar with the million delicious foods has been visited by over one thousand tourists every month. Medan is one of big cities in Indonesia. It is the capital city of North Sumatera. If you visit this city, you will find many delicious food that makes your tongue dance happily. What taste do you like? sweet, sour, savory..all of them are there. let’s enjoy the foods:
1. Bika Ambon

This is a cake that has pores and its colour is yellow. it is sweet and chewy. there are many flavour of this cake: original flavor, pandan flavor, durians flavor,etc. many tourists from Medan never forget to bring it as gift.
2. Medan Soto

soto medan
Who doesn’t like this one food that has vhite-yellow viscous sauce? I agree no one says yes, I am. This dish contains chicken pieces and has sauce from coconut milk and it is more delicious with potato chips.
3. Teh Susu Telor

This drink always appears before you eat a main dish. It is made from mixture of tea, milk, and yolk. This drink makes healthy, fresh and also warmed.

There are many more kind delicious foods that you can find in Medan.

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